RAB 23

The Black Panther is pissed off.

Episode 23. To watch it, click here In this episode it

features a Pico cameo, our pals meet Black Panther, a culturally alternative buddy who opens their worlds and their minds to exciting new frontiers and bitches. Meanwhile, Puppy buckles under the weight of his inconceivably thankless marriage. And Donkey becomes smarter.

Dave cancelled the series after this episode was made, and episode 23 was the series finale. This was the last episode of RAB ever made, and the season 2 DVD was cancelled.


1. Bunny gets shot by the Black Panther twice.

2. Cat's cousin gets shot by the Black Panther.

3. Pico and Puppy's cousin might have gotten killed by Puppy.

4. An explosion was shown after Puppy killed Pico and his cousin.

5. Puppy's boss gets sliced in half and then gets burned to death.