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David C. Lovelace (born January 9, 1970) is the creator of Retarded Animal Babies, Sci Fi Guys, Jot+Jab and Farkman. He also plays the voices of the Animal Babies, and he makes comics and plays the keyboard.

Here is what Dave had to say about himself, according to this page

THE BASICS:I was born 2:05 AM on January 9th, 1970. I missed having the same birthday as Elvis by one day, only to have Richard Nixon's instead. I've had a hunger-free childhood growing up in suburban neighborhoods in outlying areas of North Carolina, Ohio, Illinois, and most often and recently, Connecticut. I'm a married dude living near Hartford. For a career I work 9-5 as a freelance artist & animator of one kind or another in Photoshop and Flash, meeting deadlines, making my premier clients happy, hanging out after hours watching my wife sing in four or five different bands, putting food on the table and gas in the beater. Even with all my weird hobbies, I'm just another boring capitalist dipstick, probably even more boring than you!

The pic to the left here was taken back in 2006, taken with two vintage Roland Jupiter-8 keyboards. I used to be a real packratcollector-type, I've lately been refining however, not only due to having less money & space than I did a few years ago, but also because I've realized how little joy there is watching cool stuff sit around not getting used. There is nothing sadder than something shiny collecting dust. So while I still have a bunch of old synths I haven't been able to bring myself to sell, I only buy things I actually plan to use.

Another interesting/horrifying nugget of Dave fun is that I used to have long hair but had to cut it in August of 2004 due to the logistics surrounding a near-fatal car accident. I'm pretty sure I'm going to grow it back someday though, further adding to the complex complexity of my ever-complexifying hair history.

BIG THING #1: FLASH ANIMATORThis is the most likely reason you're here, I'm sure. Since 2000 I've been making Flash animations as free entertainment online, the most popular offering ("Retarded Animal Babies," started up in April, 2003) being quite an underground claim to fame, for which I'll never quite appreciate enough and definitely never fully understand or comprehend. These animations allow me to be very immature and downright gross, which means I'll usually tend to behave better in public now having siphoned off all the nastiness elsewhere. They've also accumulated so much over the years that I've been able to put them all on a couple of DVDs. There was also a little matter of a video I made for "Weird Al" Yankovic (for a song called "Virus Alert") back in 2006 which got me a little more notoriety, not to mention a gold record!

Ever since 1984 I've been an avid keyboard player, both on my own as Parallax and in local bands, cover rock band Driven being the latest. There's an old picture of my studio off to the right (click on it for a large view), but lately I jam out in a kickass practice room not far from where I live. I'll get a picture of that up in the near future.

BIG THING #3: CARTOONINGAny amount of time spent on my Comics page will probably tell you I've been at it a while, with my first comic strip being drawn in the '70s based on Ace Frehley of KISS (hey, I was only 7), and eventually becoming even more insipid in the '80s with Barfman. This is my first brush with pseudo-fame... it appeared in UCONN's Daily Campus in 1988-1989, and every year or so someone who had gone to UCONN will sputter, "that was YOU?!?" when I would stupidly volunteer Barfman-related information. Both Barfman and another toon called Z are also seen in wall paintings and murals at the popular bar Eli Cannon's in Middletown, CT. A lot of locals have been seeing these paintings and wondered who the heck painted them. OK, three or four locals have wondered this. The rest were far too busy drinking, and rightly so.

I also made periodic toons for local radio station 106.9 WCCC. Other recent comics appeared on Metasonix products, and also as Dailies that I made for for a few months, as well as an 80-installent run of Hamsterdunce featuring Hamster from Retarded Animal Babies. My current comic strip is The Packrat (shown here) which appears monthly in Keyboard Magazine. This almost-autobiographical comic ran from 2005-2006, and started up again in 2010, still going strong as of this writing.

I have been, in my life, a radio air talent, a video store owner, a LEGO parts salesman, the inventor of a 101-gesture version of Rock, Paper, Scissors and countless other games, a fontdesigner, a TV graphics guy, a keyboardist for at least a dozen bands, a surf drummer for one band, a single guy, a married guy, an ugly guy, and a downright hottie. I've owned no fewer than four Camaros since 1989. I can speak only one language. I have seen thousands of films, drunk thousands of beers, played over 100 different synthesizers new and vintage, been seen millions of times on YouTube, and my characters around 100 million times on the other computer tubes. I broke my leg into 100 quadrillion pieces in 2004, but still love to ski, play golf, and kick fat asses. I love all kinds of music but very rarely listen to any of it. Right now I play daddy to an awesome red-nosed American pit bull named Cam, and in my time I've raised five hamsters, a mouse, a rat, a rabbit, tons of cats and dogs, but never a donkey. I don't take nearly enough vacations, but I don't work nearly hard enough to really deserve one anyway. My favorite drink is my friend Greg's mai tai, but my rum runner recipe gives it a run for its money. When you see me in public, I'll be wearing a black T-shirt, jeans, and checkered Vans watch & sneakers to match my armband tattoo. I like ice cream. I like lobster. And I like YOU or I wouldn't have shared all this personal info. Hey, wanna check out my photo album? Where are you going? Come back! I'll get the cribbage board out...? Damn, it got quiet in here.