About DonkeyEdit

Voiced by Dave C. Lovelace

A gray donkey. He is easily the most foolish of the RABs (in RAB 15, he says that "[his] mind is fuzzier than Puppy's ballsack"), as well as the character least likely to become angry. He also speaks in a Southern accent, even though, as Cat's stepfather suggested in RAB 5, he is a Canadian. He commonly gets normal things confused, uses things incorrectly, and doesn't make a lot of sense when he talks. For example, in RAB 5, he suggests everyone catch thumbtacks on their bare eyes. The group did not follow his advice, but did in RAB 14 when he suggested that they "make a giant shit pie and eat 'em all ups." He frequently annoys Puppy, who resorts to beating Donkey to silence him.