This is RAB 16. Like RAB 9, it is only available on DVD. But this is only available on the RAB DVD. It isn't on the Every Little Something by Dave DVD like RAB 9.
RAB 16

This is a photo of RAB 16.

Warning: This article contains spoilers to an episode of RAB that was only released on DVD. If you haven't gotten the DVD and you don't want to be spoiled, you have been warned.

This episode also contains the title opening saying "Retarded Animal Babies" and the "The End" screen but in alien language instead of English.

This episode starts off on another planet with five alien versions of the animal babies, speaking in an alien language. The aliens notice a "bird bot" in the sky, but Alien Cat corrects them saying it's an IFO, an Identified Flying Object. The IFO has the real animal babies from Earth captive, and Donkey is being anally probed, not even feeling any pain in the process. Puppy tells the other animal babies not to worry because the aliens erase their memory. An alien cat and alien dog controlling the IFO come in and they ask why they still use the rectal probe. The alien cat uses a translator to speak English to the animal babies, telling them they are Splungians from the Planet Splunge, and notice that they exist out of this time and space. Puppy says he's getting tired of being abducted, and the animal babies don't think that the alien cat is making any sense. The alien animal babies wonder where they came from, and alien Hamster thinks they all evolved from vagina monsters. Cut to the animal babies being escorted to a time machine by the alien cat and alien dog. The animal babies go into the time machine and Puppy starts having sex with the time machine, which takes them back to 1,000,000,000 BC. The animal babies encounter vagina monsters on Planet Splunge and start humping them. One billion years later, and the alien animal babies are created, and they're all playing some puzzle game, a version of Tetris with triangle shaped blocks, on an alien video game console.


No one died in this episode.