This is RAB 6. To watch it, click here

Click on stuff in the Retarded Animal Babies Episode to see what Dave is thankful for. There are 15 items.

  1. Click on House
  2. Click on Cat (when looking out window)
  3. Click on Bunny (when in bed)
  4. Click on Donkey's Yoda Shirt
  5. Click on Donkey when he's squirting glue in his ear
  6. Click on Puppy when he says "Naw, man! It's Thanksgiving tomorrow, not Christmas!"
  7. Click on Crayons
  8. Click on Puppy's bed when Puppy's saying "Let's just sleep it off. Got a turkey to kill tomorrow."
  9. Click on Oven when Puppy says "Let's cook this fucker up and suck on it's bones..."
  10. Click on Sink when Donkey's sitting in it and before he says "Huh? I still can't hear you."
  11. Click on Hamster when Hamster's saying "I are feely baddest for him."
  12. Click on Brass Knuckles when Bunny's saying "I'd take him out with these brass knuckles..."
  13. Click on Turkey after the Turkey plucks out Bunny's eyes
  14. Click on the Dragon's fourth head right after the turkey becomes a dragon
  15. Click on Hutch when they are having the Thanksgiving dinner

The RABs attempt to kill a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, but fail spectacularly. Donkey and Hamster, who gain expanded minds from the "endless parade of weed" that the characters are smoking, merge into one being to fight the turkey. In the end, the characters have to eat Puppy's & Cat's lower torsos instead, ironically leaving Bunny, who the turkey killed, alone.


1. Puppy mentions about hanging Wil Wheaton.

2. Bunny's eyes get plucked out by the turkey.