About HamsterEdit

Voiced by Dave C. Lovelace

Hamster: A beige hamster. Lovelace has said "he is either the smartest or the dumbest of the characters." Much like Cat's obsession with A Christmas Story, Hamster has an unhealthy obsession with Bruce Willis, even going as far as staying a virgin because he was "saving himself" for Willis. Most RAB fans see him as being the "cute" character. He also has grammar problems, Some notable examples being: "It are" (It is), "I are" (I am), "We am" (We are), "It are blackerest in here" (It's dark in here). Hamster cheers for very unusual reasons: in RAB 3, he cheered when Pico was cursed at by Puppy. In RAB 6, he cheered when Puppy confessed a murder. In RAB 8, he cheered when Puppy allowed him to have sex with Bruce Willis, and in RAB 10 he cheered when Puppy was about to climax while having sex with Cat's stepfather's computer. Hamster is the only character who can end an RAB episode, and he does so by saying "THE END!" Simpsons creator Matt Groening ended RAB 3 by assassinating the RAB cast, killing Hamster by shooting him in the head.