RAB 14
This is RAB 14. To watch it, click here

Primarily set 50 years in the future. The lives of the RABs are explored, revealing them to have, for the most part, evolved into intelligent, revered celebrities. Cat becomes a renowned scientist, and Bunny an actor who wins a lifetime achievement award for playing Hamster, who becomes a military hero by saving Earth from a killer asteroid. The asteroid, however, was sent by Puppy, who had become the cruel absolute ruler of a planet made entirely out of breasts. Donkey lives on a farm, is as stupid as ever, and is so morbidly obese that his grandchildren have to scrub him daily so he does not get maggots. Cat invents a dodecahedral Alternate Physical Law Usurper to send them all into an alternate universe where they can stay young and retarded forever. This is the second episode in which Bunny does not die.


1. Puppy's servant gets blasted by Puppy's laser

2. Puppy got attacked by Ragellian Sternoid Misstress. He might have died in the future but he returns in the past again.