This is RAB 7. Dave thought this was gonna be the final RAB episode, since Dave was getting a new job, but he didn't get the job. So he made RAB 8. And he's still making RAB today. Answers for contest (click on ugly things to find out these numbers you can type in). Sadly, the contest ended a long time ago.

D3 (click on Donkey's Yoda shirt)

I2 (click on horse in Cat's dream)

N1 (click on semen on Cat's eye when he's watching Christmas Story)

T5 (when Satan goes through the chimney, click on the picture of Donkey)

Y4 (click on one of the humpbacks Donkey got for Christmas)

After that, click the bell decoration on the Christmas tree when Cat is drinking his beer.

To watch RAB 7 click here > By the way click on anything that's ugly.

The RABs celebrate Christmas. A narrator follows Cat's quest for a Red Rider BB gun (per A Christmas Story). Santa is revealed to be Satan, who grants Cat his wish. Cat, Puppy and Bunny all die: Cat kills himself and Bunny with the gun, and Puppy, who Santa gives an enormous penis, sucks himself into oblivion.


1. Puppy dissappeared after sucking his dick

2. Cat shot his eye out.

3. When Cat shot his eye out, it hit Bunny too.