This is episode 3 of RAB. Here is a link to watch episode 3. Warning: Spoilers in this article.

Click on Bunny's Telefukkies box to meet the Telefukkies.

Sucky-Fucky (Bunny wore his costume)

Wanky-Spanky (Cat wore his costume)

Quim-Quim (Hamster wore his costume)

Snatchy-Scratchy (Donkey wore his costume)

The RABs hold "Show and Tell". This episode introduces many supporting cast members of the series, such as Satan (brought by Donkey, along with three potatoes and a bucket full of pelicans), Matt Groening (who comes disguised as a sheep to murder all the main characters), Hamster's grandfather, and Cat's stepfather.


1. Satan chops Bunny in half.

2. Satan kills Cat's Stepfather by spikes.

3. Matt Groening shoots Cat 5 times.

4. Matt Groening burns Donkey into a skeleton.

5. Matt Groening shoots a missile and knocks Puppy's head off.

6. Matt Groening killed Hamster somehow (death not shown).