This is RAB 4. Click on this.

Channel List in RAB 4. o -TV Channels + 0- Parody of The Ring featuring Hamster. + 1- "The Flesh Network": Parodies stereotypical porn plots; the actors are cats. + 2- Ass Masters: A fishing show with two homosexual men fishing. + 3- Parody of Verizon Wireless commercial + 4- "VH4": parody of a VH1 Documentary + 5- Starts as a nature documentary about the "Yellow Shafted Titsucker" (a bird resembling Puppy) is part of a fictional Twilight Zone episode. + 6- Nam Show: parody of The Man Show + 7- Hack to teh Suxxor: parody of Back to the Future + 8- Squirminator 4: parody of The Terminator + 9- Starts Episode + 10- A commercial involving two female cats advertising a cleaner for dirty pussies. + 50- The Who Caresy Show + 69- Porn that parodies Star Trek + 100- Centegenarian Weekly: Consists of Hamster's grandpa sleeping. + 111- "The Binary Channel" + 123- A special Retarded Animal Babies episode which involves the RAB counting from one to ten. + 500- "The Seizure Channel" + 666- Satan eating children + 999- Channel 666, upside down. Go to Channel 9 to start RAB 4.

The actual episodes featuring the RABs are hidden among channels on an animated TV set. The main episode, on channel 9, shows the RABs playing superhero. Puppy's recurring "Fucking Fucker" alter ego is introduced as revenge for Cat's Purple Penis hero, which Puppy originally wanted. On channel 123, the RABs count to 10, a la their pilot episode. Any channel that doesn't have its own movie to go with it, will randomly show static, color bars, a Please Stand By test pattern, an Annoying Noise Test, a Technical Difficulties screen, or scrambled porn.



1. Bunny dies from the card that said Infinity x 0 = 0.