RAB 21

Donkey gets a unicorn for his 1000 points. I'm jealous. I want one.

This is RAB 21. To watch it, click here.

The Animal Babies go to the 4-H fair. But Donkey isn't allowed at the fair. Because, a year ago he won a blue ribbon for the biggest pinecone. Cat said that the pinecone was a giant turd and the blue ribbon was a restraining order. At the fair, Hamster was with his mom, dad and grandpa. Puppy started dating his cousin. Cat bought an amp for his band. And Bunny bought a beer. But then Donkey snuck into the fair and played some Skee-Ball and won a unicorn.


1. People died at the beer place cause of Bunny.

2. The Pegascorn crushes a guy working at the arcade.

3. Hamster, his mom, his dad and his grandpa turned into skeletons during the rocket liftoff (although, Hamster says Hooray when he's a skeleton)

4. Puppy and his cousin have sex on the rocket and then the rocket explodes while they're still on it, although they appear after the credits.